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This is a sticky post that contains links to all the articles I've written for Pink Raygun. These include Supernatural episode reviews, Star Trek (2009 Reboot) movie reviews, articles about fan fiction and fandom, various movie reiviews, etc. 

More below the cut.

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The bid is over a thousand now,and looks to keep going up. Bidder 413 really WANTS this meet and greet, I tell ya! (I'm looking forward to a little bidding war, which will only bring more funds for the foundation.) I've taken a picture and finally know how to upload things...Read more... )

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is auctioning off a lunch for a fan and her BFF in order to show his appreciation for all that fans have done by donating to the Brittany Foundation at

However, I registered on Ebay especially to bring you more details and to let you know that as of this posting, the big is at $960.00 and grows by the minute.

Here's the text which makes it sound SO enticing, and the guy's right, if you and a friend go in on it together (and lump your funds), then you get way more one-on-one time with JDM, instead of standing in line for hours with a thousand other fans. I wish I could bid, but the money being entered is already above my budget. Still, it's for a good cause, and I hope the winner has a GREAT TIME. : D
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Get yourself to Miami Florida, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will have a hotel room booked and waiting for you and a friend. Get a good night's sleep, then Jeff will send a car service to bring you and your friend to the Magic City set for an exclusive set tour. Spend the morning watching him work, then he'll meet you and your friend for a sit-down lunch to chat about dogs and movies and whatever else suits your fancy. After more behind-the-scenes fun after lunch, Jeff will make sure to find you again to say goodbye before having the car service take you back to the hotel so you and your friend can relax and get some much needed rest before heading back home in the morning.
That sound like a good plan to you? Did to us, too, when JEFFREY SUGGESTED IT as the big auction item for this year's birthday drive. That's right. This is all Jeff's idea. He donated the whole package himself -- 2 nights lodging at a Miami hotel, car service to and from the Magic City set, an exclusive set tour so you can get the inside scoop on his new series, and a sit-down lunch with the auction winner and their guest so everyone can relax and chat, get to know each other a little.
Doesn't that sound like a whole lot more fun than standing around forever with a whole crowd somewhere he might be in hopes of maybe getting a quick photo with him or an autograph?
Well, it sounded like more fun to Jeff, too. He made this unique, special, generous offer not only to help raise money to save dogs for his birthday drive, but also to show his deep appreciation for the incredible support his fans have shown these past 3 years. We're always telling him how much it means to fans when they get a chance to chat with him for even a moment, so he decided the best way to say thank you to "the most awesome, generous fans in the world" (his words, not ours) was to offer one of those great fans who've shown him so much love this personal, unique insider view of himself and his new seires.
So here's your chance, people. Bid often and generously, because this awesome opportunity is the opportunity of a lifetime.
Travel to and from Miami will be the sole responsibility of the auction winner. The auction price includes 2 nights lodging at a hotel of Jeff's choosing, car service to and from the Magic City set, an exclusive tour of the Magic City set, and lunch with Jeff somewhere of Jeff's choosing ... all of those things for the auction winner and a friend (splitting the cost of the auction with a fellow fan is totally allowed and enthusiastically encouraged). Once Magic City's production schedule has been finalized, Jeff will pick three viable visit dates between August and October, 2011 (probably in September), and DonateJDM will email those dates to the auction winner to see which best matches their schedule. Details will be worked out via email with DonateJDM from there. Obviously, you'll want to bring a camera because not only will you have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of Jeff on-set, Jeff's also going to expect to take some pictures of you (!). And he'll be happy to autograph something special for you if you bring it along, too.
The Great Jeffrey Dean Morgan Birthday Auction is an entirely fan-run, wholly non-profit drive to raise money in honor of Jeff's birthday on April 22nd. All proceeds from this auction will benefit The Brittany Foundation, a non-profit charity of Jeff's choosing dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, care and placement of homeless dogs. Every dollar raised by this auction and/or donated through goes directly to the rescue of dogs in need and is 100% tax deductible."

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Having waxed poetic about my expectations of how great Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to be in the upcoming movie, "The Watchmen," I decided that it might be a good idea to actually read the original comic book, and, after having fun purchasing a copy, read it I did. Here is a link to my review on Enjoy!


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I normally am spoiler free, but not for this ep. I have some speculations that are basically me running off at the mouth, with no evidence to back it up, but what the heck.

Here goes.

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I wrote a little peice about going to the comic book store to buy a copy of The Watchmen graphic novel for Pink  Raygun. You can read it here.


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