Jul. 29th, 2008

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You can read my review of the Supernatural episode "Playthings" at pinkraygun.com. Thank you!

An excerpt:

"But really, and perhaps you’ll agree, that the finest thing about this scene is the shirt Sam is wearing. It’s a thin, grey one that looks like cashmere, which everyone knows it couldn’t be, seeing as the boys get their clothes from the Salvation Army. Then again, maybe it could be; I once got a cashmere sweater there for a dollar. At any rate, it clings to every single curve of Sam’s arms and chest. Or rather, to give credit where it is due, it clings to Padalecki’s arms and chest. I’ve not got the math smarts to graph a chart that will demonstrate just how often and how hard the boy’s been working out, but it’s plain to see that he has been. Vigorously, and, dare I say it, religiously, because if working out and muscles were prayers, then this boy would be SAVED. The long, once boyishly lean torso and arms, the once tender and young sweetness of his neck, all of it has now turned into rippled iron, covered by silky skin, turning his frame to a divine work, so that when he shifts, or turns, or flips a cell phone closed with a resounding click, and it’s grace personified. He’s always had the height and the charm, now he’s got control and confidence. All wrapped in unassuming wool. (And his hair, lest we forget, spires down like inky ribbons across his intelligent forehead. It’s enough to make a fangirl swoon.)"

Sam I Am:

Sam I Am



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