Jan. 15th, 2008

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You can read my review of the Supernatural episode "Bloody Mary" at pinkraygun.com. Thank you!  

An excerpt:

So anyway, Sam and Dean march into the local mortuary to check out the dead body. They’re posing as medical students and you can see they’re not quite comfortable with their lie yet. They manage to muddle through, but when the guy at the desk still refuses them entry, Sam pulls out a wad of cash. Dean protests to Sam that hey, he earned that money! Sam says, “You WON it in a poker game.” Dean goes, “Yeah?” Like, that’s supposed to matter? To Dean, winning and earning are the same thing. Sam, of course, knows the difference between the two. What’s interesting to me here is the fact that if Dean won the money, what’s it doing in Sam’s wallet? Did Dean instantly hand over his winnings to Sam, or was there a tussle about it? Does that make Sam the banker? Does Dean get an allowance? Personally, I don’t think he’d stand for that, so I kind of imagine that their money is communal, and they both pull out of a common kitty, and Sam just happens to have the nicer wallet. What’s Dean’s is Sam’s and vice versa. Which is rather nice, you know?”

Sam talking in the car
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So I went to Cafe Sol in Boulder, expecting better than what I got. I’m not saying the coffee wasn’t good because it was, though the poppy seed cake had a hair in it. They served my coffe in a nice cup and saucer, and then splooshed the coffee everywhere. The seats were too low to the tables, and the tables were pushed up at the edges of the room, which was on the chilly side, and while I'm all into casual and everything, the place was rather rundown. Sadly.

Plus, the conversations were BOR-ing. 

There were two women to the left of me. One of them was getting signed up for Share A Car or something, where you buy a part of a car, or lease it or something, kind of like renting on a permanent basis. I think the principle is so that you can have a car when you need it. The rules to doing this went on forever, her voice had kind of a whine to it, and I couldn't hardly think around it.

The two women on the right of me bitched on and on about how the coffee shop overcharged them. Turned out there was a ghostly charge for some juice on their receipt, and the coffee shop happily gave them their money back. Yes, cash instead of putting the charge back on their card, and oh, how they moaned about that!

I couldn’t write a thing. It was not a good atmosphere. The Cafe Sol was a bust, sadly. However, now jacked up on caffine, I came home and wrote out my outline for my SPN big bang challenge, which I also signed up for.


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