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This is a sticky post that contains links to all the articles I've written for Pink Raygun. These include Supernatural episode reviews, Star Trek (2009 Reboot) movie reviews, articles about fan fiction and fandom, various movie reiviews, etc. 

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Here's my review for the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th, now posted at

An excerpt:

Even horror movies should have some basis in reality, shouldn’t they? Something that the audience can connect with so that they get a sense that the horror on the screen could actually happen to them, even if the odds are highly against it? I didn’t get that from this movie. I didn’t get that even if I wanted to get that. I couldn’t relate because while I wanted to believe the premise, the movie kept throwing clinkers in my way that distracted me from the bloody fun and games of Jason’s rampage. This movie wasn’t scary, and I wasn’t scared. And I feel badly about that. 

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My review of the movie My Bloody Valentine is now posted at Pink Raygun, and it’s called “The Insanity that Coal Dust Makes.” Enjoy!

An excerpt:

 "Outside of the fact that, overall, no one seems to be initiating a man hunt for the killer (everyone just goes blithely about their business of existing in a town that’s crumbling around them), when confronted with the killer, people tended to do what all horror movie characters do, and that is to start running, heading for the one spot where they would be dead-ended, and the only way out means they have to get past the killer. In this movie, that’s the Hanniger Mine. This town is obsessed with its mine, and when in doubt or on the run, instead of hiding in a culvert, a ditch, or up a tree in the deep, cloaking darkness of a Pennsylvania forest, everyone heads there. But that’s because the mine is where the killer is, don’t you know, and because there seems to be some insanity brought on by too much coal dust that gives everyone the blind sense of a homing pigeon, home is Mine Shaft #5.  Alas. Everyone reaps what their stupidity has sowed. But, since this is what horror movies are all about, I can’t hardly complain when the movie does exactly what it’s supposed to."


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