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I've written a review of Sam Rockwell's new movie "Moon," and you can read it here, at

Thank you!

An excerpt:

"The two exceptions to this mostly male cast are Tess, Sam’s wife, and Eve, Sam’s daughter, who are never seen in real time. It’s like Gladiator all over again! But seriously, I didn’t need to recognize that pattern to know that this movie was written by a guy – the focus (Oh, the FOCUS!) on female boobage is a dead giveaway. Only in a man’s (Sam’s) fantasy is a woman’s underwear the subject of fetish-like detail: here it is pure white, and trimmed with lace and a pink ribbon. On the other hand, we don’t get to see Sam’s underwear at all, so my question of boxers or briefs goes unanswered. (The union suit does not count.)"

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Oh, my WORD this was a good movie! So good that I went to see it multiple times during opening weekend. I also wrote a review for Pink Raygun, which you can read here.

Here are some additional pics that didn’t make it into the review….

James Tiberius Kirk...

James Tiberius Kirk

More pics... )

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I recently saw the trailer for the new Star Trek movie due to come out in May, 2009, and wrote a little peice about it. Here it be at Enjoy!

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Jeezus. I mean it. Drink the entire bottle. Start the bottle at the beginning  of the movie, you should be finished by the end of the movie. Are you a lightweight? Watch the movie "Waitress" while drinking an entire bottle of merlot, and then let me know what you thought. I was fully caught up, wondering what it meant, thinking about fandom, and about the choices we make. Do we choose real life over famdon? Do we do the reverse? Does fandom ever win? It should. My rant wants to be about how fanfic is better than any any any pro fic I have ever read. Not to name names, but any fanfic writer coudl beat a profic writer with her hands tied behind her back. That's what this movie said to me. It was about choices. You make the right ones, you're fine. You make the wrong ones, you die in a hospital alone. Too bad for you. Make the right choices. Listen to your heart.

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I recommend a mcManis 2006 Merlot

Drink it. Start drinking it when you start watching the movie. Drink it slow. Drink it over ice if you want, no one is watching.

This is a marvelous movie. The guy who plays the doctor is the guy who stars in Firefly, that shortlived series that burned its way across fannish retinas all across the country. He plays the doctor that she's in love with. She's (the waitress) is married to Earl, who is horrid.

If you drink the wine, starting at the beginning of the film, you will understand what this movie is about. Earl is real life. The doctor (the guy who played Mel in Firefly and Serenity) plays fandom. Just wait. There's a scene where the waitress casts Earl aside for what she loves best, and that's her baby. Oh, how I wished she ended with the doctor, and maybe she does. Anyway, it's a great film. It means something. Call me when I'm sober.


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