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You can read my review of the Supernatural episode "Jump the Shark" at Thank you!

 An excerpt:

"The metal duct is claustrophobic and twisty, and Dean crawls through this with much flashing of flashlight and much groaning and kvetching, having lost at Rock, Paper, Scissors yet again.(As he does. As he always does. I love it when Show remembers continuity moments like this.) The one made out of dirt is straight and just about the same size. And even though the MOW drags bodies through both tunnels apparently with ease, but Dean’s only got about, oh, one inch to spare on either side. Hey, I’m not looking at his powerful and broad manly shoulders as he crawls through the tunnels, I’m not. I was not absorbed in watching them churn, in watching the pull of his shirt over his arms. No. I was thinking about the plot. Totally."


Answering The Dad's phone...

Answering The Dad's phone

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Having waxed poetic about my expectations of how great Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to be in the upcoming movie, "The Watchmen," I decided that it might be a good idea to actually read the original comic book, and, after having fun purchasing a copy, read it I did. Here is a link to my review on Enjoy!


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I normally am spoiler free, but not for this ep. I have some speculations that are basically me running off at the mouth, with no evidence to back it up, but what the heck.

Here goes.

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Oh, this is totally fun! Poor guy, getting hounded at the airport. Nicely and politely, but hounded just the same. At least he's flying first class! (My newest BFF at work is a big TMZ fan and sent me this! But Amalthia? You're my BFF for always, 'kay?)

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I wrote a little peice about going to the comic book store to buy a copy of The Watchmen graphic novel for Pink  Raygun. You can read it here.


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