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Title: Deep Water
Author: N.J. Nidiffer
Genre/Rating: Gen/PG
Word Count: 3,354
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Verse: Gina Lee - Part 1
Summary: Willie picks up a local village woman and her kids after their car breaks down in a storm. And, of course, seeing as this is a story about Willie, bad things happen after that.
A/N: My friend Nik wrote this story, and I thought it was a very good story, so much so that I was inspired to write a sequel of sorts, called Tree, where more bad things happen.  

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Last year I promised to type up and post this story, one in the saga of Gina Lee and Willie Loomis. I've only ever had a hard copy; could never find an e-copy and so put off the task. But, now I've done it, it's typed up, and I hope those Dark Shadows folks who have been waiting, will be pleased. Nik could always write rings around me. : D

Here's the link: Stone on AO3.

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TItle: Shells
Author: N. J. Nidiffer
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,557
Summary: While cleaning the house, GIna finds a conch shell that Willie had given Polly on the last Fourth of July they shared together.
Author's Note: Nik and I had this idea about creating a story for every major holiday, so that Willie and Gina could share them. Naturally, in spite of the typically upbeat tone of the 4th, this particular holiday is laced with memories. Also, since I have only a single, undated printed copy of the story, I am unsure of the date Nik wrote it. But given the text, I believe this story takes place at some point after Home Among the Dead but before Stone.

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Just recently posted more of the Gina Lee series, including Winter's Gift, The Long Way Down, Concussion, The Pencil Box, and Polly.


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