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So over on, my five-parter piece on fans in fandom has been being posted regularly on Tuesdays. The last part posts this Thursday, right before SPN comes back from hiatus.

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I grabbed this from kroki_refur sounds like so much fun. The basic principle is in one meme, you post a comment about something YOU created that you are particularly fond of, or proud of. In the second meme, you post a comment about something someone ELSE created that floats your boat, and that you return to again and again. The posts themselves say it better than I could...

From Fleshflutter:

"I would like you to comment with a link to a single fannish creation you have produced in SPN fandom: fic, art, vid, batch of icons, meta. Just one piece you have created in this fandom that pleases you personally."
From kellifer-fic:

"...But that inspired me to wonder what stories of other people's please you? More specifically:

- What's your go-to story(s)? Those ones you have bookmarked/mem'd/have on a list somewhere and just can read over and over?

- What's that story(s) that hit you like a punch in the gut? Made you say, woah, didn't see that coming?

- What's that story that made you say, yeah, this writer just gets it - just sees the characters the way I do/wrote that story I wanted to/seemingly pried that right out of my head?

- What's that story(s) that first sucked you into a fandom/first story you read in a fandom?"



Mar. 2nd, 2007 07:34 pm
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Fandom is such a wonderful community. I am not sure whether it's because of the nature of the material we work with or because we are the kind of people who are cool to be with. I mean, can you imagine (considering the former) someone who collects stamps saying to someone they just met, "Oh, my GOD, you have the Gettysburg # 2 Upsidedown stamp! Well, I have the Baccus Superpurple 3 cent one that you've never seen, let me give it to you." Stamp collectors aren't like that, are they? Don't know. And, consdering the latter, are they cool to be with? Not sure.

Anyway, it's been a long road since I was in fandom. I took several years off to delve into Dark Shadows fandom, and what a wonderful time I had there. My frustrations with that fandom mainly had to do with the lack of sharing and the lack of creativity. Oh sure, people did stuff, but it was very isolated, and we as a fandom were, apparently, mostly interested in the actors who came to the festivals. Fine and good, and very exciting, at first. I sure did love watching fan's faces when they met thus and such actor for the first time.

But I am glad to be back where I can talk about people having sex with one another without getting shushed!


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