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 Posted with permission from [personal profile] bardicvoice:

She says: 

"... I posted on my LJ the letter I sent both to the CW's email comment box ( and in a slightly different form, to Dawn Ostroff. Folk are welcome to use it as a template if they wish.

The letter supports "Supernatural," expresses dismay at its removal from the schedule after the completion of the first-run episodes, and suggests that the CW consider airing selected episodes from the previous seasons to potentially draw in new viewers who were up to now watching what was on other networks - in effect, providing a "second chance for a first impression." It also encourages the CW to involve the fans by inviting fans to vote on which episodes to air, and to challenge them to submit very brief advertising essays telling people who haven't watched the show before why they should watch the encore episodes.

The letter text is here: 

I used most of the letter to send my own voice into the CW. Fingers crossed!
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Called the number (818) 977-2500. Told the lady that answered that I wanted to make a comment about CW repeating the Reaper instead of Supernatural. She put me through to a message machine and it was painless. I left my name, my home phone (in case Dawn wanted to call me back all personal like), and this is what I said, or nearabouts:

"I would like to politely express my displeasure at the CW pushing The Reaper at the expense of Supernatural. Supernatural is by far the better show. You've got a bag of diamonds there, you've already got good, so quit trying to fix what isn't broken. If you're going to have repeats, have repeats of Supernatural, you'll be far more satisfied with the results. Thank you."

Then I hung up. It was easy. They might be big shots with a salary that is triple what ten of us make in a year, but they have to listen to fans because WE are the reason they exist and make that huge salary. So...don't be shy. Call them. Speak up. They also leave a URL if you would rather post your business on line.

Now. I'm off to do errands. I'm going to try the coffee shop experiement today, and pick up some Anne Perry books that [personal profile] catalenamara recommended to me, all about Victorian filth and nastiness, which is perfect. Then I'm getting my hair done. Yes, I'm that much of a girl. My sister had a foot operation recently and I waited on her HAND and foot for over a week. And yes, she knew that I was taking writing notes as to how much FUN it is to look after a cranky sick person. So she rewarded me with a gift coupon to get my hair done, which is SWELL of her. I love having my hair washed by expert hands. Just love it.
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This post is reposted with permission from 

[personal profile] janglyjewels who posted it on her site and then on spn_freshblood.

She posted: 

"Wanna call the CW?
I posted this on my LJ, and I was told I should I post it to the comms, so here ya go!


shadowfax220 posted the CW's phone number over at TWoP. It is 1-818-977-2500. I called and and told the person who answered the phone about my concerns over the lack of Supernatural on the CW's schedule, and she assured me that the show was coming back, and then she connected me to where I could leave a message with my concerns, and I did. If you call, make sure you're very polite and don't get angry or abusive. They'll listen to us more that way.

shadowfax220 got a call back from the CW. This is what she posted at TWoP:

"I just spoke with Kristen (no not that one!). I asked why Supernatural was being taken off the air. I explained that it was THE best show the station has and removing it from their schedule was not the best idea they'd come up with.

She asked me to hold on a moment then looked up some information. She told me that Supernatural was not being taken off the air permanently. Then she gave me the whole "We're trying to save Reaper" speech.

I listened politely then asked if they would consider putting Supernatural repeats on Tuesday night in Reapers home slot. She told me that was a very good idea, that she would pass along but that it wasn't up to her.

I then told her how upset the fans of Supernatural were about losing their repeats. She seemed shocked that the fans were angry. I told her that if they were to go online and check out the web sites dedicated to Supernatural they would understand just how upset the fans were and how loyal they were too!

I told her about several web sites, including this one (TWoP). I told her this site alone has more then 29,000 members dedicated to this show and most of them are not happy about the change in the schedule. She took down the web address and was looking it up as she spoke with me! (She was impressed with the site)

She suggested I both leave a message on their comment line and write a letter to

Dawn Ostroff
3300 West Olive Ave.
Burbank Ca, 91505

She said that all comments on the comment line are listened to, typed out and forwarded to the correct people.

She was nice and polite and really did not seem to know that removing supernatural from their schedule would cause such an uproar. She said she would speak with the executives herself and forward my comments and the website address."


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Apparently, CW has decided in its ultimate wisdom to have repeats of The Reaper when the new eps of Supernatural run out. This is a bad decision for a number of reasons, the first of which is because it's lame because The Reaper is lame. Supernatural is by FAR the better show and I'd rather watch repeats of it than new eps of TR. So, the above link is a petition to the CW to point this out. Go sign it!


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