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It only takes one click to sign an online petition to tell Obama that we want him to Veto this stupid SOPA and PIPA bill:

I took this from
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Here is the info from Dreamwidth Studios, also copied directly from their site, because I want to help spread the word. Dreamwidth Studios

Pending in the United States legislature are two bills, closely related, that are designed to grant broad, new powers to the government in the name of fighting piracy and theft on the Internet. These bills are known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, HR 3261, Wikipedia) and the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA, S 968, Wikipedia). You've probably heard about them by now.


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What is PIPA?  (I took this verbatim from i to help spread the word against this horrible idea.)

PIPA is a poorly envisioned Senate copyright enforcement bill that will censor our Internet and kill jobs in the rapidly growing Internet industry. This bill (and its House counterpart, SOPA) were designed by lobbyists and are being sped through Congress with virtually no debate. Almost every Internet company has strongly come out against PIPA.

Why does this matter to me?
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My meta on the current issue on copyright infringement, which includes a statement by [ profile] morgandawn , is up at

Evidently, your government wants to allow itself to shut down your website or blog if it feels its engaging in "infringing activity." And it's not pretty.

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So I came across this the other day, and I was wondering how a law like this might affect sites like Pink Raygun, or archives of slash fan fiction (like for K/S or HP or S/H), or the Organization for Transformative Works, or fannish online communities, like the SPN newsletter, and all the hard work that goes into that.

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