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2020-11-18 02:44 pm

Master Post for Non-Fiction Articles

This is a sticky post that contains links to all the articles I've written for Pink Raygun. These include Supernatural episode reviews, Star Trek (2009 Reboot) movie reviews, articles about fan fiction and fandom, various movie reiviews, etc. 

More below the cut.

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2020-10-31 12:10 pm

Master List of my Fanfic

This is a master list of all the fanfiction I've written that's online. I've written:
  • Supernatural
  • Dark Shadows
  • Star Trek
  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Hunt for the Red October

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2014-06-27 07:45 pm

Sam Winchester's Hair - The Only Thing Left To Me

Dear Avid Readers and Anyone Else Interested in What I'm Writing About, 
Some time ago, mid-Season Seven of Supernatural, I believe, I had a desire to do more of my own writing. My last post about Supernatural (and Sam's hair) was May 24, 2011. It was for the episode The Man Who Knew Too Much. That episode was the straw that broke my fannish back.

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2012-12-08 03:26 am

Deep Water - Gina Lee Series - Part 1

Title: Deep Water
Author: N.J. Nidiffer
Genre/Rating: Gen/PG
Word Count: 3,354
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Verse: Gina Lee - Part 1
Summary: Willie picks up a local village woman and her kids after their car breaks down in a storm. And, of course, seeing as this is a story about Willie, bad things happen after that.
A/N: My friend Nik wrote this story, and I thought it was a very good story, so much so that I was inspired to write a sequel of sorts, called Tree, where more bad things happen.  

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2012-12-06 05:20 pm

Finally! Stone - A Gina Lee Story - Posted to AO3

Last year I promised to type up and post this story, one in the saga of Gina Lee and Willie Loomis. I've only ever had a hard copy; could never find an e-copy and so put off the task. But, now I've done it, it's typed up, and I hope those Dark Shadows folks who have been waiting, will be pleased. Nik could always write rings around me. : D

Here's the link: Stone on AO3.

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2012-12-05 10:23 am

Shells - A Gina Lee Story

TItle: Shells
Author: N. J. Nidiffer
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,557
Summary: While cleaning the house, GIna finds a conch shell that Willie had given Polly on the last Fourth of July they shared together.
Author's Note: Nik and I had this idea about creating a story for every major holiday, so that Willie and Gina could share them. Naturally, in spite of the typically upbeat tone of the 4th, this particular holiday is laced with memories. Also, since I have only a single, undated printed copy of the story, I am unsure of the date Nik wrote it. But given the text, I believe this story takes place at some point after Home Among the Dead but before Stone.

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2012-12-04 06:36 pm
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Still More Gina Lee on AO3

I've posted most of Gina Lee today and tried to clean up my master fic post, which, naturally, insisted on adding its own cut tags whenever and wherever it wanted to. So my apologies for anyone receiving a giant post in their list today!
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2012-11-29 05:48 pm

More Gina Lee at AO3

Just recently posted more of the Gina Lee series, including Winter's Gift, The Long Way Down, Concussion, The Pencil Box, and Polly.
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2012-11-26 08:42 pm

Gina Lee Series Going up at AO3

I'm in the midst of posting the Gina Lee series (Dark Shadows 1966) to AO3. It's been requested of me to include the mysterious missing three stories, which are, I think: Shells by N.J. Nidiffe,Stone by N.J. Nidiffer, andWater by by me. Alas, there is no electronic copy of Stone, so unless I can track it down I'm going to have type it in. Which will be good typing practice, I think. And the story deserves it, as well.
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2012-11-24 05:38 pm

More On AO3 - Dark Shadows

I've just posted My Boy Willie at AO3, which I wrote way back when. It's nice to have things online on AO3, because it is easy to find and read what you want. But if you'd like the printed zine, published by Kathy Resch, then you can find it here. (And it's got a way cool cover!)
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2012-11-23 09:48 am

In Love With AO3 - Stories Being Uploaded

I've had my A03 account for a while, but recently took the time to upload some stories there. There's nothing new, but it's nice to have most of them all in one place, and intensely readable! Recently posted are:

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2012-02-21 06:18 pm

Supernatural Episode Review: Repo Man

My review of the Supernatural episode "Repo Man" is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"There are some other parallels to sleeping with demons and having truck with demons, but to me, that’s the main point: Sam feels he’s on his own on this one, and frankly, with as little as we’ve been getting about Sam, I anticipate that this close-ups of Sam in his turmoil are pretty much about all we’re going to get. There are only a handful of eps left this season, maybe five, and the writers have done this before:Big Buildup about Sam, and then, whamo, we get dumped off a cliff. Poor Sam. Surrounded by hellfire, only inches away from his brother on a hotel bed, and his Hand Jobs are no longer effective. What’s a guy to do?"

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2012-02-07 07:11 am

Supernatural Episode Review: The Slice Girls

My review of the Supernatural episode, "The Slice Girls," is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"And, for the record, Dean is a bottom. When he had sex with Cassie, he bottomed. When had sex with the angel (which still gives me hives), he might have been on top, but he still bottomed. (I mean, hello? Angel?) And this time around, yeah, he starts out bottoming, and probably ended up that way as well. I mean look at his face during the sex scene, for crying out loud. He comes across as being all of 16 years old and certainly not in charge of what’s going on. Oh sure, you can argue that he’s a tender soul and wants the woman to feel safe and comfortable, but believe you me, any woman who goes to bed with a man who she does not know does not have any issues about safety. Dean’s a bottom, and that’s all there is to it."

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2012-01-18 05:55 pm

Click One Time to tell Obama to Veto PIPA and SOPA

It only takes one click to sign an online petition to tell Obama that we want him to Veto this stupid SOPA and PIPA bill:

I took this from
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2012-01-18 05:40 pm

But wait - there's more!!!

Here is the info from Dreamwidth Studios, also copied directly from their site, because I want to help spread the word. Dreamwidth Studios

Pending in the United States legislature are two bills, closely related, that are designed to grant broad, new powers to the government in the name of fighting piracy and theft on the Internet. These bills are known as the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, HR 3261, Wikipedia) and the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA, S 968, Wikipedia). You've probably heard about them by now.


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2012-01-18 05:37 pm

STOP PIPA and SOPA and help LOLCATS!!!

What is PIPA?  (I took this verbatim from i to help spread the word against this horrible idea.)

PIPA is a poorly envisioned Senate copyright enforcement bill that will censor our Internet and kill jobs in the rapidly growing Internet industry. This bill (and its House counterpart, SOPA) were designed by lobbyists and are being sped through Congress with virtually no debate. Almost every Internet company has strongly come out against PIPA.

Why does this matter to me?
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2012-01-17 08:01 am

Supernatural Episode Review: Time After Time

My review for the Supernatural episode "Time After Time" is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"So here’s where I start to complain, you can stop reading now if you like. To anyone who reads my reviews, you already know what the complaint is, and that is the fact that Sam and Dean were separated for most of the ep. And not only that, but Dean gets to Time Travel, while Sam is forced to stay in the Grotty Squat on his own, and struggle to find Dean in amidst the strings and vibrations of the past. Why is it that Dean gets the spotlight, and has all the fun of meeting Eliot Ness, while Sam must stay at home (in the present) and never gets to go anywhere cool? And if the boys are apart, they can’t be seen relating to each other, which is the reason I started watching Show in the first place. I will continue to complain until I get my way."

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2012-01-10 06:04 pm

Supernatural Episode Review: Adventures in Babysitting

My review for the Supernatural episode "Adventures in Babysitting" is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"Maybe Sam’s incompetence is to demonstrate how helpless he is without Bobby doing his research, but then, we already know that. Maybe it’s to demonstrate how helpless he is without Brother Dean, but then we already knew THAT too. So why does Show insist on this scenario over and over? Not that I mind the sight of Sam all tied up and ready to be sacrificed, but as big and as smart as he is, it sometimes gets a little silly to see him fail like that. Seems to me, at this point in Sam’s development, Show could be a bit more inventive and take risks with what Sam’s capable of. Oh, but this is Show, I forgot. Home of the insecure writer."
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2011-12-06 06:09 am

Supernatural Episode Review: Death's Door

My review of the Supernatural episode "Death's Door" is up at Enjoy!

An excerpt:

"Sam and Dean talk about death and about The Dad dying and other sad things. I thought what was most interesting was the lighting. The boys are standing next to a louvered window whose slats are half open. Thusly, across their faces, fall lots of natural light and lots of shadowed light. Which is not only atmospheric, but perhaps also bespeaks of the half-lit, half-shadowed nature of the passage between life and death. And it looks good on them."