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Dear Avid Readers and Anyone Else Interested in What I'm Writing About, 
Some time ago, mid-Season Seven of Supernatural, I believe, I had a desire to do more of my own writing. My last post about Supernatural (and Sam's hair) was May 24, 2011. It was for the episode The Man Who Knew Too Much. That episode was the straw that broke my fannish back.

I do want to write about my decision not to write about Supernatural any more, and will in due course. But for now, if you’re interested, I’ve started a new blog. I write about all types of things, hopefully in an interesting way. The new blog can be found at:
During my time away from Supernatural, I wrote a book, and it's even on sale! You can read about my book, Fagin’s Boy at my website, and here's a brief plot synopsis:
Five years after Fagin was hanged in Newgate, Oliver Twist, at the age of seventeen, is a young man of good breeding and fine manners, living a quiet life in a corner of London. When Oliver loses his protector and guardian, he is able, with the help of Mr. Brownlow's friends, to find employment in a well-respected haberdashery in Soho. However, in the midst of these changes, Jack Dawkins, also known as the Artful Dodger, arrives in London, freshly returned from being deported. Oliver's own inability to let go of his past, as well as his renewed and intimate acquaintance with Jack, take him back to the life he thought he'd left behind.
Or if you’d like to simply purchase it, you can go to any number of places:
(I've been discovering all the places that the book is for sale at, I'll add them here when find them.)

I think it’s been a good transition for me to make; it was time I started writing something a bit closer to my heart. My only sorrow is that when I stopped writing about Sam and Dean, I lost touch with some very nice and enthusiastic readers.
Here’s hoping that you all are well!
Christina E. Pilz  (aka Sylvia Bond)
P.S. I do intend to continue writing fan fiction, because seriously, writing a "real" book can not hold a candle to being let loose in the deliriously free world of fandom.  
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